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Σε απόθεμα



The artisan is the one who knows and practices art. It represents the ability of creating harmony, in a right way.


Ars in Latin, techne’ in Greek; in both languages it meant the ability of creating, starting from the knowledge of secrets and rules. With these rules, it was possible to reform neatly a process of creation and construction. As told, in ancient times the artisan was the performer of art.

Staff considers the artisan approach, the only way to work on the indigo land. The artisan’s knowledge comes from his experiences and from the wisdom transmitted by his masters (often in a family tradition). The relationship between an artisan, its tools and its materials, is sacrosanct.

Through this relationship, the artisan sacrifices and gives a spiritual value to his work. In this ethical / spiritual approach to work, the opera of the artisan becomes art. Artisan’s tradition is handed down from father to son and lives in a magical circle characterized by passion and wisdom. The artisan tradition reflects the poetry of the places of its origins.

And that’s how we intend our work in the name of indigo: we look for an harmonical relationship with the materials, we explore their nature and treat them to find their hidden soul. This is our way to celebrate the rule of art.

This is the true desire of the artisan.